Transparency is extremely important to us. So we've created this page to answer possible questions our customers might have about our items:

Who designs your products? 

All of our items are designed by the owner/creator of d00zY. They are digital paintings that are inspired by her own art practice and current trends in fashion, art and design. 

How/where are your products made?

After carefully researching processes for months, we've chosen to use a POD (print-on-demand) service that has fulfillment facilities worldwide.

What is POD?

Print-on-demand is a new innovative way for small businesses to create and sell products without the risk associated with the retail industry. When a customer places an order on our website, it is sent to the provider's fulfillment centre that is the closest to them or that has product availability at the time. The fulfillment centre then prints and packages the order on our behalf and then sends it to the customer directly. 

Why do you use POD?

There are so many reasons why people use print-on-demand companies to fulfill their orders. Our main reason was to avoid the risk of waste and limit our carbon footprint in the process. 

Starting a small business alone is extremely challenging and it takes a long time to grow a customer base. By working with a well reputed print-on-demand company, we avoid the risk of ordering hundreds of products that will eventually go to waste if they don't sell. 

We've limited our carbon footprint by choosing a provider that has fulfillment centres around the world. For example, if a customer from Europe orders one of our pillows, their order will be fulfilled in our provider's European facility. This then means that the amount of travelling is reduced and therefore we limit our gas emissions for deliveries. 

Another reason for using print-on-demand services is to minimize our usage of space. instead of having a warehouse location in Canada (where we are from) and shipping worldwide, our providers use their own facilities which they also use to provide service for hundreds of other small businesses. So together all of us are making a difference one order at a time.